Annual Report

Good Morning.

I welcome you all to Solan Public School and we do appreciate your support to the school all the time. I will take some time to tell you about Solan Public School and what makes us different on many fronts besides of course our infrastructure which makes us stand apart!

SOLAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, with its primary aim to offer holistic education to students, opened its portals to Education on 28th March 2019. With world-class infrastructure facilities, its beautiful ambience and modern infrastructure create a conducive environment for a lasting learning experience.

Our Motto “Beautiful beginnings…is serving as a guiding light to this institution towards excellence. Continuous improvement and competition with the self is Excellence for us at Solan Public School. We are committed to making the educational experience enjoyable, meaningful and relevant to the real world. School believe in providing holistic education to the students and equip them with life skills which place them first among equals when they step into the real world. We want to give caring, knowledgeable and responsible young people to society. We want to foster global mindedness and instils values of empathy, tolerance, and cooperation among the students. We aim to provide education for lifelong learning that awakens creative and leadership skills in every student by providing opportunities to develop skills of collaboration, critical thinking and inquiry. We encourage our students to ask questions…

We have professions working with us of the domain. Our mentors are Principles and Directors of well- established schools of the country. Ms Anjali Razdan, our Educational Adviser is a well-known name in the field of Education in Indian and especially in Hyderabad.

I have………………

Our Managing Director, Ms Preeti Kumar, is a university gold medallist and she is a good administrator and educationist. A leader who believes in the capabilities of each solanite and motivate everyone to give the best! And of course, in this school, everything is woven around the vision of our Chairman, Mr B Prabhakaran, it is his vision and leadership which has brought everything possible to this campus.

If I talk about curriculum, A good curriculum includes a mixture of education and creativity. Solan Public School offers the best curricula available in the field of school education around the world.

  • We foiiow CBSE Curriculam

  • In Primary Curriculum and pedagogy _ We are powered by Xseed

XSEED Education is an education company based in Singapore. They practice Theme based teaching and its curriculum is practised by more than 3000 schools across Asia.

  • Middle School and Senior School -CBSE/Cambridge Qualification

Middle Section – It is CBSE and Project based Learning (Connecting the knowledge to the real-world problems / situations) We have Cambridge Qualifications for English and students can write Cambridge English exam… It will help them to qualify IELTS exam in future easily if they wish to take it as the same organisation conducts IELTS examinations.

Interdisciplinary Teaching – We do not consider subjects or knowledge as independent Islands but as an integrated whole, so lots of Collaboration among teachers and students.


Senior section – we have CBSE and soon will offer International Education as well.

Here we offer Career Counselling, Vocational and Skill based education (we will help students to understand various career options and will help them make their portfolios to apply for good universities.) Special Education Needs Addressed Across Curriculums/ Board in Solan Public School.


We have a well written curriculum where we address all the levels of Bloom Taxonomy for the teaching learning process and to our senior students, we even tell them all the stages of learning so they decide themselves at what level of learning they are and it helps them to achieve the highest level of learning …. Much above remembering and understanding. The idea is to motivate the kids to learn how to think and not what to think. If our teaching is of the level of remembering and understanding, they will only learn what to think, if we take it to the next level of learning … that is application, analysis, creation, it will

 make them think and they will learn how to think…..


School monitor and track the progress of Students on the weekly basis by different types of formative assessments besides two summative assessments in a year. The school has Technology Integrated classrooms and our students and teachers use technology in their day to day teaching learning process.

School send weekly curriculum updates to the parents which enables the parents to contribute effectively to the development of their children. Not only academics, school records and reports the progress of the students in sports and co-curricular activities as well. Our students have done well in their final examinations this year. Many students make shown remarkable improvement.


For any good school, it is very important to have good science labs and not only science labs but also labs for Computers, Maths, Social Sc, Languages… And we are fortunate that we have all that is required….

Labs are very much required to develop the scientific temperament among the students. It interests them when they learn by doing and they enjoy learning as they can connect their learning to the real world. This is the only age to develop scientific temperament and Schools are the only place to do it. I am sure we will be able to nurture creativity among children as all possible resources are available to us.

This year our students participated in so many events outside school, I will name a few…..

Solan Public School Participated in the Shoolini Fair art competition and cultural programme this year. We also participated in Himachal Utsav. Our students won first prize in the junior category of the cultural fest and all appreciated the performance of the children. Credit goes to our teachers especially Ms Jyoti and Mr Vikram and of course to our talented students.

We joined the Plantation Drive @ Mount Karol, it was an initiative of Re-Foresters group. We supported the Drug Abuse Awareness Campaign of Distt. Solan police.

This year we organised two mega events for solan city:

Our first event was: SAMANVAY - An Inter-School Cultural and Literary Fest. The fest was a good blend of cultural and literary activities which brought together some of the most creative and Intellectual young minds from schools across Solan. More than 13 Schools and academies participated in this fest.

And this “Mom & Me” is the second one:

The idea is to provide a platform for the mothers and kids to showcase their hidden talent.

This year our school organised so many events / activities for our students. I will name a few…..

Himachal Day - School celebrated 72nd Himachal Day in the school, a cultural programme was put up on the occasion where teachers and students presented folk songs and folk dances. It helps us to connect to our roots.

World Earth Day and World Environment Day -School organized a special programme on both the days to create awareness among the students to understand their moral responsibility towards the blue planet of ours.

Sports Fest - We organized its first sports fest on 25th April 2019 and students participated very enthusiastically.

Dental Health Checkup -To establish and promote the importance of good oral health care habits, dental health and hygiene camp was organised twice in the school.

Meet and Greet – We believe that the progress of the student depends on the joint effort of parents and teachers. School organized many PTMs & meet and greets session for the parents.

We celebrated all festivals like – Holi, Eid, Dusherra, Diwali, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami

 Mother’s Day -School celebrated Mother’s Day as an expression of love and gratitude towards mothers. All mothers of the students joined us in this celebration.

We celebrated - Independence Day, World Music Day, International Peace Day, International Day of Yoga – Yoga is a part of our curriculum and we have yoga classes for the students on every alternate day!

We organised Chess Competition, Nukar Natak, Teachers Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Halloween, Field Trips and session by experienced educationists and by the experts of the fields….

I am sure I am missing to mention a few of the events…..

Clubs - Schools has many Clubs which are handled by trained professionals and we do club activities at the level of entrepreneurship. This is something which students love to do and we motivate them to pursue what they enjoy doing.

Workshops - Solan Public School not only aspires to provide holistic development to the students but also conducts professional development workshops for the teachers. Many workshops were organized online and face to face throughout the year. Out teachers understand that each student is unique and we make our instructions around the need of each student. Our school teaching team is strengthening as many experienced teachers joining us next academic year…

The joy of giving - True joy, real prosperity, and lasting happiness is possible when all of us come together to take care of those who are in need. The Joy of Giving Event is a great opportunity to sensitise the young generation towards the need of others. They feel like heroes by contributing and actively participating to bring a change in the lives of less privileged. Solan public school organised “Joy of Giving Week” twice this year. School collected different articles like clothing, stationery, money, eatables etc. and donated them to their best use. Thank you, parents and all those who supported us in this noble cause

SPS in NEWS - Thank you to Press and media for giving us coverage throughout the year. We were in news throughout the year and I am sure soon our students will start hitting the headlines…..

A big thank you to our existing parents who trusted us and sent their kids to us for the 1st Academic Session. Thank you all for your patience to listen to me. It is really nice having you all here with us this afternoon. Your support is required at all stages of the journey of this school and I am sure together we can give an institution of repute to Solan and soon it will be a most sought school of the Solan City and of the country! Thank you so much.


Know about the procedure of registration, admission, fees and other details. We will assist you soon.

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